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Dragon City - Free Gold & Food

The ups and downs of Dragon City:
Dragon City is a good progression game if you're into that, it's quite addicting and impressive ( if you ignore the ads ). Also many goals force you to share your accomplishments on facebook and let your friends know how much of an obsessed dragon city person you are.

Why you can never win if you play it without a hack
If you like free stuff then playing this game without cheats might not be the best choice, you see. You would have to wait a very long time ( sometimes days ) to get things done.You would need to buy gems for things like expanding land and it costs a lot, also the dragons are almost impossible to save up for.

Here I'll show you a easier way to get gems for the game. Why? Because it's a visually stunning game and it's fun to play, I wouldn't want everyone to stop playing it simply because the developers are greedy. Also, if you love dragons like me you would find this game addicting because there are many types of dragons.

Introducing the dragon city hack tool:

It’s quite interesting to see how they still haven’t improved the annoying way you not being able to buy a habit ( with gold ) because of what level you are on.

But don’t get me wrong dragon city  has awesome updates and deserves it’s right in being called one of the best games on mobile till this date.

A friend of mine used to love this game a lot but one time the game completely restarted on him starting at level 0 instead of 20. Sounds harmless to some of you but I assure you, putting money and hours into this game and seeing this is a nightmare to most die hard players. My friend was pretty down about it and he decided to look through a hack online, a generator which could help him basically start to the same point he was on and he was surprised to see all these fake hacks online basically not being able to work or promising something completely different.

I found a little glitch within the game ( as we all know it is quite glitchy ) that basically help you add gems and food and pretty much anything you need even level up, it originally was made for the developers to test the platform but it was later leaked by a former employee as I heard.

A simple handy tool which isn’t quite bad when you’re being scammed off your hard earned money and not being able to level up.

If I had to describe dragon city with a few words I would say it’s a good game ruined by money, and it’s the simple truth. These freemium games are sucking up money more than an actual console game!

Why would you pay gems for stupid social buildings, this just ruins the fun parts of this game like collecting dragons.

And yes, we all know we need to support the real developers but some people just cannot be able to afford to spend money all the time, some aren’t even able to link a credit card like my friend, I tried buying expansions a few weeks ago and I couldn’t buy it with gold just neighbours, the gold option didn’t even work on me.

So what am I suppose to do when I’ve put so many hours into dragon city and not being able to enjoy it to it’s full capacity? There’s no way I’m deleting it after all the effort I have invested in it.

I decided to deeply search for an actual fix to my issue, a trainer or a cheat that would get me through an issue the developers were too lazy to solve. I found a working one at a point but I needed to pay, and yes I was so in need of a working hack that I actually paid for it and it actually worked which got me surprised after all the going through fake hacks moment I wasn’t really convinced there was an actual working hack.

I wanted to share it with you since I know it would help a lot of people. The reason why I am sharing this is because I see a lot of you guys quitting this game because of issues, despite it’s flaws we cannot deny that it is a wonderful game and I want to give back something to this awesome community after knowing all the techniques of breeding dragons I hope that this is actually of help to many of you guys.

How to use the dragon city hack:
All you need to do is simply download it from the download button below, then plug your phone. I suggest you do not start the app until it finishes. Once you've connected the phone simply start the dragon city hack tool and enter the desired gems or gold. It will be there in approximetly 10 minutes!

Having problems using it? Comment below and we will try to help out as soon as we can :)


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dieser code funktioniert! danke sehr :)
March 4th, 2016


Finally a working one, i was searching for a working dragon city hack for weeks.
Feb 28th, 2016

Sangeeta Kashyap

Brother I thank you
Jan 25th, 2016


Dude you saved my life, thanks a lot for sharing this.
Dec 20th, 2015


so glad I was finally able to find this, been looking all over, thanks again.
May 9th, 2015

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